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Bedtime Should Not Be a Negotiation Between You and Your Teens

Strict bedtime routines are best for teens

Now that summer vacation is about to start, getting your teenager to sleep at a decent hour is going to be so much harder. For a while, parents were adopting a parenting technique that involved negotiating with their kids about bedtime. However, as we begin to understand how vital sleep is to our health, parents are quickly dropping the laissez-faire type of parenting and setting stricter rules about bedtime.

2014 Sleep in America® study

In 2014, The National Sleep Foundation did a study on Sleep in the Modern Family. The study found that although parents were in support of regular bedtimes and understood how sleep would have a positive effect on mood, health, and performance, almost all of the kids in the study did not get the recommended amount of sleep for their age group.

Teenagers are getting the least amount of sleep

The study found that of all the age groups, teenagers between the age of 15-17 were getting the least amount of sleep per night. In fact, when asked to estimate their teens’ nightly sleep duration, over half of the parents polled estimated that their 15-17-year-old would get an average of seven hours of sleep per night. Since teenagers are supposed to get between eight and ten hours of sleep per night, this lack of sleep could affect their health, behavior, and ability to learn.

Technology in the bedroom

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that electronics are playing a big role in our sleeping habits, and that is true across the board for parents and for children. Technology is unavoidable, but parents need to set strict technology guidelines for their kids, especially teens. Social media can be all consuming for your teens, and the #FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomenon is alive and well in your kids. However, you need to put your foot down and remove technology from the bedroom. Ironically, taking away their technology and cutting them off from social media for the night is going to make your kids much more capable of navigating the crazy world of social media.

Sleep technology that works

Yes, we see the contradiction, but the Dreampad is the one piece of technology that should be allowed into every bedroom. Not only is this sleep aid a solution to sleep deprivation, but the Dreampad music app will help take the edge off of your teen’s technology withdrawal as they get used to their new bedtime routine. So, put away your phones, tablets, devices, and TVs and set your Dreampad to your favorite therapeutic music on the app, place your head on the pillow, and get ready to get the best sleep of your life. This sleep aid has been proven to help kids, teens, and adults.

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