by Lesya Liu June 03, 2019 2 min read

You don’t have to be an insomniac or stressed or suffer from medical conditions to have nights when you just can’t fall asleep. Sometimes, the typical day-to-day is enough to keep our minds racing long after we lay down to sleep. A few nights of tossing and turning can throw off the entire day, maybe even disrupting your next night’s sleep. The Dreampad is the most comfortable sleep aid that can help you turn off your brain before bed and get a good night’s sleep. 

Busy lives cause restless nights

A typical busy life with work, kids, family, hobbies, and chores is enough to have every person constantly thinking about the next thing on the to-do list. By the end of the day, we start going over all the things we have to do the next day. Although going over everything in your head may seem like a good way of organizing and preparing for the day to come, but without a good night’s sleep, your brain won’t have a chance to store and organize and create a memory of your plan. You’ll wake up groggy the next morning wracking your brain trying to remember the plan you made. The Dreampad Music Pillow is the perfect sleep aid for busy lives.

Intrasound Technology

The Dreampad Music Pillow used Intrasound Technologyto send soothing sounds and gentle vibrations through your inner ear. The Intrasound Technology triggers a natural relaxation response, allowing your brain to slow down, shut off, and send you off to Dreamland. When you wake up, you’ll feel happy and refreshed and ready to take on another busy day.

Won’t take up space or wake up your spouse

Another great feature of the Dreampad is that it won’t take up any extra space in your bedroom because it’s a pillow. The technology is discreetly embedded into the pillow, and you can either use a cable to plug your phone directly into the Dreampad or use the Bluetooth device. Once you’ve downloaded the app and connected your device to the Dreampad, select your music, and you’re ready to relax and get a great night’s sleep. It’s simple and unobtrusive. Even your partner won’t know that it’s there because the Dreampad is only audible to the person using it.

Comfortable pillow

Choose from our memory foam, firm support, medium support, and slim support Dreampad pillows. A soft feather pillow with Intrasound Technology is a winning recipe for a great night’s sleep. Don’t forget to get a 100% high-quality cotton pillow case to make your Dreampad even more dreamy.

Get the Dreampad Music Pillow for better sleep

Sleep is the fuel your body needs to heal, restore, and regenerate your mind, body, and spirit. Shop for your Dreampad pillow and start getting the sleep you deserve to lead a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

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