There are 3 options for providing the Dreampad to your clients:

  1. Dreampad Affiliate Program: for organizations who would like to recommend the Dreampad to their clients and provide them with a discount, but do not wish to take a commission, nor participate in the transaction/shipping process.  Your client will use the code you provide to receive a discounted price and free shipping.  Examples include: non-profits and for-profits such as clinics, hospitals, and employers.
    • After completing and submitting the form below, you will receive a unique discount code along with Dreampad handouts.
    • You distribute the handouts with discount code to your clients.
    • Your clients use the discount code when purchasing product at
    • The Dreampad is shipped directly to the buyer.  (Note: all purchases include a 30-day free trial.)
  2. Dreampad Reseller Program: for partners who want to inventory Dreampads and sell directly to their consumers. Examples include: sleep product distributors, importers and online retailers.
    • Resellers can purchase Dreampads at a volume discount.
    • Dreampads ship in bulk to your location.
    • You inventory the Dreampads to sell directly to your clients.
    • License the Dreampad Technology to use in your product.
  3. License the Dreampad Technology to use in your product
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