Get the Dreampad Kids pillow plus Weighted Blanket bundle and save 25%. This is the perfect combination for your kids - soothing relaxing music through our proven Intrasound music system, and gentle pressure from our premium weighted blanket.

The Dreampad Kids Pillow is ideal for younger children and those who prefer a thin pillow. Parents can control the music choice, volume and on/off through your phone with the included Bluetooth amplifier. This small wonder becomes your child's best friend at bedtime - delivering rich music with audio designed to relax the nervous system for a solid night's sleep.

  • 100% cotton, 230-threadcount with a zippered pocket
  • Bluetooth amp and pillowcase included
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • 30-days to try - return free of charge if you're not satisfied

The Dreampad Kids Weighted Blanket provides luxurious comfort and the feeing of safety that comes with just the right amount of weight and pressure. Small enough for adults to use on a quiet afternoon on the sofa, and large enough for children for relaxing or bedtime. Available in 8 lb or 10 lb weights. Comes with a super-soft washable cover.


The Kids pillow is ideal for smaller heads and smaller beds. At 19" x 12" x 3", it will be the right size for little ones, providing just enough loft and support. With the embedded Intrasound audio inside, your kids can get gentle, soothing music to help them get into a natural state of relaxation.

There is no battery or power source within the pillow itself. To use the Dreampad, just plug the pillow into the included Bluetooth amp/receiver. Pair with your phone and you can control the music remotely and play the right bedtime music for your child. You can also play our collection of songs made for relaxation and sleep on the Dreampad app, available for free in the App Store or Google Play. There is even a discreet pocket on the side of the pillow, where you can tuck the Bluetooth device unnoticed.

If you are looking for something small to take traveling, or use under your existing adult-sized pillow, try the Aurras, designed specifically to go under your pillow and provide high-quality, relaxing music that only you can hear.


The Dreampad Weighted Blanket is a premium-grade therapeutic blanket with just enough weight to provide a gentle hug and create that feeling of safety and calm.  Perfect for a relaxing afternoon on the sofa, or for a calming sleep for the younger ones.  

The package includes a plush comforter cover with hidden zipper for easy removal for washing.  The cover has a super-soft minky fabric on one side.  It is the softest fleece you will find.  On the other side of the cover is a smooth 100% cotton fabric. 

The blanket contains eco-friendly micro-glass beads sewn in quilted squares, to provide even distribution of weight.  The blanket and cover have eight ties for a secure and even fit.  Both the cover and the blanket are machine washable on gentle cycle.  

What’s in the box:

- A 19” x 12” pillow with hypoallergenic foam fill and a 100% cotton shell; zippered mini-pocket

- Patented Intrasound Audio System (only you can hear) embedded in the pillow

Bluetooth amp/receiver and charger 

Custom-sized 100% cotton pillowcase 

- Weighted blanket

- Cotton and fleece comforter cover with zipper and ties



- Foam pillow

- 19” length x 12” width x 3″ height

- With embedded Intrasound Audio System

Hypoallergenic 100% cotton shell 

-100$ cotton custom pillowcase

- Weight 1.0 lbs



- 54 X 42 inches

- Cover is 100% cotton on one side and 100% polyester minky fabric (soft fleece) on the other

- Blanket is 100% cotton with micro-glass beads sewn into the quilted squares


- 58 X 48 inches

- Cover is 100% cotton on one side and 100% polyester minky fabric (soft fleece) on the other

- Blanket is 100% with micro-glass beads sewn into the quilted squares


Both the cover and blanket are machine washable on gentle cycle.  We recommend washing the cover as often as necessary, but the blanket itself only infrequently, as excessive washing may cause damage over time.      



Kids Pillow and Weighted Blanket Bundle Return Policy

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your product, you can return it for a partial refund within 60 days following your delivery. To be eligible for a return, your Dreampad Kids Pillow and/or Weighted Blanket must be clean, undamaged, and in its original packaging.  If you want to return only one of the items, please indicate which items will be returned.  

Once the return is approved, we will provide a shipping label by email to you. Because of the high cost of shipping heavy products, Dreampad will deduct $15.00 from the amount refunded to you.If returning only one of the two items, we will refund half the purchase price less the return shipping cost.


Aurras with Bluetooth

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