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SanDisk MP3 Player
SanDisk MP3 Player
SanDisk MP3 Player
SanDisk MP3 Player
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What you get

For those without a smart device or who prefer to keep their smart device elsewhere, you can use a SanDisk MP3 player pre-loaded with Dreampad music.


  • Foam pillow
  • 12” length x 19” width x 3″ height
  • With embedded Intrasound Technology
  • Hypoallergenic100% cotton shell
  • Weight 1.54 lbs


Using your Dreampad

Getting started is simple.

The Dreampad connects to an app that plays special music designed for deep sleep. Connect and…zzz.

You’ve Never Heard Music This Way BeforeThe Dreampad is a completely different experience than listening to music through a sound machine or a traditional speaker. Its specially-treated music has a unique sound, and a unique effect on your body and mind.Once your head is relaxed on the Dreampad, the music travels internally, signaling your body’s natural relaxation response​ so you can ease into a great night’s sleep. Added plus: it’s for your ears only, your sleeping partner won’t hear a thing.


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