Hearing music through the Dreampad is enjoyable and relaxing; it is also different. Some people love it the first time they try it, some take a night or two to get used to it. We encourage you to try different songs and volume levels to find what really works for you. You’ll find a few tips on this page and in this video to help you get started.

Dreampad technology is based on the natural conductivity of the human body. Our bones are natural conductors; in fact, every time you speak the vibration caused by your voice is carried by bone to your inner ear. In the same way, music from the Dreampad travels internally to your ear.  Read more about Dreampad science.

Quick Start Guide

  • Download

    Download Dreampad Sleep App to smart device

  • Connect

    Connect smart device to Dreampad

  • Select Song

    Select song, adjust volume in Dreampad app

  • Relax

    Place head on pillow and relax



  1. Place smart device on Airplane Mode, plug device directly into Dreampad
  2. Connect smart device or mp3 player to extension cable (included)
  3. Pair smart device with Bluetooth receiver (not included), connect to Dreampad
  4. Download Dreampad music to a mp3 player and plug player directly into Dreampad

VOLUME: Use a low volume that allows you to drift off to sleep and doesn’t wake you later.

TIME: We recommend setting the play time for an hour or two the first week, then extending as needed if you tend to wake up during the night.

CELLPHONE SIGNALS: Use Airplane Mode on your smart device so no signals come or go; this eliminates the risk of EMR. You may also download Dreampad music to a mp3 player which does not accept or emit signals.

OLD SMART PHONES: An old smart phone will work as your player even w/o a data plan; use Wi-Fi to download the Dreampad app.

ALARM: The Dreampad alarm is awesomely dreamy, a gentle way to wake up. But use a backup alarm if you’re getting married in the morning.

MOTION SENSITIVITY: If you are prone to motion sickness, begin your listening with 10-20 minute sessions to the Dreampad.

For Bluetooth users:

  • Charge Bluetooth

  • Pair Bluetooth

    Pair Bluetooth with smart device (see instructions inside Bluetooth package)

  • Plug Dreampad

    Plug Dreampad 3.5mm connector into Bluetooth