Relaxation as you've never heard it before.

Sound you can feel.

The Dreampad™ delivers music through gentle, calming vibration which only you can hear.

"If your mind races when you lie down to sleep, the Dreampad may help you get the Zzzs of your dreams." - Katherine Boehret, Re/

No headphones required

No headphones required

Only you hear the music

Only you hear the music

Sleep as you normally would

Sleep as you normally would

Try it for 30 days, risk free

Try it for 30 days, risk free


How the Dreampad works

Each Dreampad combines iLs’ psychoacoustic expertise with Intrasound Technology™, which is based on the natural conductivity of the human body. Our bones are natural conductors; in fact, every time you speak the vibration caused by your voice is carried by bone to your inner ear. In the same way, music from the Dreampad travels internally to your ear …

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Intrasound Technology™ replicates this natural process by using electromechanical transducers to convert the electrical signals of the music into vibrations. The vibrations are carried by bone to the area surrounding the inner ear, which plays a key role in our hearing, balance, coordination and our ability to filter out unwanted noise. It is also an area which is connected to our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) through the Vagus Nerve.

Parasympathetic stimulation facilitates our relaxation response (as opposed to our Sympathetic Nervous System, which gives us “fight or flight”). Preliminary research shows that the Dreampad is effective in stimulating the PNS, resulting in a calming response which aids in falling, and staying, asleep. Research is underway to further explore the effect of the Dreampad on the following populations: stress-related insomnia, trauma, veterans with PTSD, children with ADHD and ASD, and cancer patients experiencing insomnia.

Regarding its origins, the Dreampad technology was first developed by iLs (Integrated Listening Systems) to help children who experience anxiety and sleep difficulties.  As parents witnessed its effectiveness, they began trying it themselves and reporting equally positive results.  The product was then refined for use by all ages and re-released to both therapeutic and consumer audiences.  iLs is a multi-sensory brain fitness program which is used primarily by those with learning and attention challenges, as well as for head injury and stroke rehab. See for more information.



I run a small clinic and have quite a few clients with sleep and anxiety issues. The Dreampad has helped tremendously with prep for in clinic therapy as well as addressing sleep issues interfering with cooperation and performance. Have seen some amazing results.
- Darlene Boudreaux

I have always had problems sleeping. During the past couple years I would normally sleep 4-6 hours of choppy sleep a night. Last Fall I got a Dreampad, and I fell in love with it. Finally, I am able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. I went from getting 4-6 hours a night to getting a good 7-9 hours of sleep a night.
- Thomas G.

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I ordered the Dreampad as a Christmas present to myself, and after 2 nights noticed significant improvements in quality of sleep, relaxation, energy, and well-being.
– P. Olivier

I have recently become aware of iLs and the Dreampad.  It is truly amazing to see how helpful it is for my daughter, who is smack in the middle of the angst of high school.
M.L., Ph.D., Performance Consultant, ADD Remediation

Pretty amazing device… I had used CDs for years but this is another level, I fall asleep faster and sleep deeper…
Bill Walton, parent

I tried the Dreampad and found that I don’t like music when I am going to sleep, even though it is pretty relaxing.  I was about to return it for a refund when my wife tried it. She loves it, uses it every night. Now I have to get one for our daughter.
– C. Laughton

The Dreampad has helped my son fall asleep faster, sleep more sound and wake up happier each morning. He has learned to turn it on himself and makes sure that it is on each night. It is comfortable and the sound is nicely adjustable for his comfort.
– Stephanie Blackwell 

I am an OT. I am trialing the Dreampad with a 6 year old who was taking 45 minutes to one hour to fall asleep. He is generally falling asleep now within 20-30 minutes. THANK YOU.
– Barbara Marshall 

I purchased the Dreampad for my 11 year old with sensory issues. It has made a drastic difference in how she sleeps (no more night terrors) and she is waking up easier. She calls it her music pillow. We have been using it for about a month now and do believe it is worth the cost.
– Tonya Ainsworth

Thank you for this product. I had a head injury 14 years ago from a car crash and I’ve had difficulty sleeping since then, until using the Dreampad. From my first night trying it, I have been sleeping really well, many nights not waking up at all. Wish I’d had this a decade ago!
– Carla Rothstein

I am a finicky sleeper, have my own down pillow which I travel with and I couldn’t get used to the different feeling of the Dreampad. So I put it under my regular pillow and it works great. The music vibration carries through and I can hear it well. I set it to play through the night and when I wake up it puts me back to sleep. Thanks!
J. L. Price

My son didn’t like it and we returned it.  He’s difficult at bedtime and we’ve tried so many things he is now refusing what we give him just because.  Thanks for the hassle free refund. 
– W. F. Latham

Just wanted to let you know we are extremely pleased with the Dreampad.  We now call it the “magic pillow” and my son really likes listening to the music, so much so that he requests it pretty much every night.
– E.S. Minton

I just posted this in every SPD and Anxiety group I follow. Couldn’t help but share our rave review with you guys. Thanks for a great, if surprising, product!!

My son J (9-year old) has sensory and anxiety issues, and has frequent sleeping problems including going to sleep, staying asleep, sleeping in his bed, waking grouchy. Since using the Dreampad, J has slept in his own bed every night but one despite starting a new school. He is going to sleep faster, sleeping more deeply and staying asleep. Waking grouchy has decreased, but needing more time to wake up has increased.

He has said the Dreampad really helps him relax, but he has never felt the immediate need to pee first thing when wakes up like he does now!! Not sure if it is a coincidence or an effect of sleeping more deeply, but I’ll TAKE it! I consider it a well-spent $179!
– T.A.

I am an occupational therapist and mom of two boys, one of whom has attention, sensory processing and some behavioral challenges.   I purchased an iLs Dreampad at Christmas time and have been letting my 2 sons use it, alternating each night.  Their schedule got mixed up and my ‘sensory’ son ended up without the Dreampad for 2 nights in a row.   After a couple nights of bad sleep, very bad behavior resulted.  Once we got him back on the Dreampad he slept well and the behavior improved immediately.  We now make sure he gets the pillow every night.  This is what we have noticed since the beginning of January:

He is asleep within 30 min or less and is rested when he wakes up. He is less reactive during school work (fight or flight response with assignments). He is more emotionally relaxed and stable. He will go and begin his school work without a fight. He is happier and easier to interact with when things do not go his way.

Thanks to all of you and your hard work!!!  My son is much happier and it is great!
– Parent and OT

Since we first began using the Dreampad, it has now become part of Joe’s nightly bedtime routine. Anytime I need him to mellow out, we arrange a cozy little spot and turn the Dreampad on.


First, I must say this is the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever slept on. That includes times spent in hotels while traveling and we’ve stayed in some very nice hotels…. I also found that I was able to sleep more soundly, and get a full-nights’ rest….having a soft, luxurious, pillow that helps me to get the rest I’ve searched for my entire life is priceless.

– Renée

As family descended upon the house, I watched the pillow being passed around, offering comfort and peace to all that rested their head upon it. It was an amazing resource in a time of trauma. If you or your child struggles with falling asleep or staying asleep, this would be a worthwhile investment.


There were times before the Dreampad where he “slept” for many hours but looked groggy and was pretty grumpy and tired when he woke up. Now he wakes up feeling refreshed and rested!


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I love, love, love the Dreampad. It is always my go to tool for my students. I can’t tell you how much my parents love it too once they try it. It is a game changer!
– Julia Reddout, School Therapist

Thank you for this product.  I had a head injury 14 years ago from a car crash and I’ve had difficulty sleeping since then, until using the Dreampad.  From my first night trying it, I have been sleeping really well, many nights not waking up at all.  Wish I’d had this a decade ago!
– Carla Rothstein

I don’t have insomnia or a serious sleep problem but I do have those nights where my mind won’t stop racing.  A Dreampad was given to me as a gift and I am surprised at what I am finding.  I fall asleep faster and feel better when I get up.  I don’t know if it’s the music, or the vibration, or both, but it takes me to another place where my mind isn’t so active and stressed out.   I don’t use it every night, but when I do it helps.  Good product and totally worth the $$.
E.M. Shannon

I purchased an iLs Dreampad in desperation for my seven year old son with anxiety. It was my last resort before medication to help him to sleep. We were absolutely astounded when he immediately started sleeping with it! It was like a miracle!
Before the Dreampad we had asked him to draw a picture of “bedtime.” He drew a picture with his hands on his head, screaming, with a word bubble that said, “Why can’t I sleep!” A week after sleeping on the pillow we asked him to make another drawing. He drew a picture of himself with his eyes closed, smiling, and music notes coming out of his ears. I asked if wanted to put in a word bubble. He said, “No, because I’m sleeping.”  But our joy hasn’t stopped there. Our two-year old started using the Dreampad too! He asks for his music and settles down completely asleep within five minutes! If he starts fussing at night we quickly put back on the pillow and off he goes back to sleep (and mommy and daddy, too!!) I was so skeptical thinking that a pillow could really help our son but I SWEAR this has been an absolute life changer for our entire family. Bottom Line: HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
– Kerri Vivathana

I ordered a Dreampad at the suggestion of my son’s OT. I started my ASD pre-K son listening to it on a Friday at bed time. My son received a “GREAT DAY” report from his teacher on Monday. By mid-week, his teacher said he seemed much less anxious in class, there were less tantrums, and he just seemed happier than she has ever seen him. For weeks upon weeks prior, his daily school reports were not good. He had difficulty participating and functioning in a loud class of 12-16 special needs students. I was still a little surprised that it could be the pillow, so I stopped using it from the following Friday-Tuesday. My son went back to having his typical difficult days. I reintroduced the pillow mid-week and he started having good days again. In addition, my son has always had trouble going to sleep at night. He seems to enjoy lying/listening and gets a good night of rest now, which has helped immensely. I was skeptical at first, but I’m a believer. Thank you!
Rochelle West

We started out using this with our son to help him go to bed.  It worked great and then others in the family started using it when they had trouble sleeping.  We’d like to buy a few more.
– Bruce Cheeseman

My 5 year old son LOVES his Dreampad! We have noticed a decrease in his auditory sensitivity since we started using the Dreampad. He used to refuse to use public toilets because they are so loud. Today he barely notices.
– Lisa Klostermann 

The Dreampad has consistently improved the sleep of every patient who has used it. There has also been symptom reduction in patients suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression and various childhood disorders. The Dreampad is easy to use and convenient as its thin profile fits into a suitcase for travel. The new lower price makes it more affordable for my patients.
– Craig Weiss

I tried it yesterday afternoon to see if I could actually fall asleep with it for a little cat nap, which I usually can’t do, even when I want to.  The music is beautiful, and the sound quality is amazing.  Hearing the music coming to you internally is also a unique and pleasant experience. Sure enough, I fell into this exquisite sleep, waking up much refreshed.  The pillow itself is also quite comfortable.  I thought it might be too small, but it’s really not.  Then, I gave it to my son and told him to just go rest for a while after homework.  That was around 5:00 pm.  Sure enough, he fell asleep and didn’t wake up until I rousted him at 7:00 am the next morning!  He loves it.   Now my eldest daughter is asking me to use the pillow every night!  She is the one who often has trouble falling asleep and always sleeps very lightly.  I’m particularly amused that she wants to use the pillow because, as a teenager, she normally rejects all my well-intentioned, new-fangled ideas.  So, she must like it, or she’d never ask for it in a million years…
-K. Kester

I have always struggled with falling to sleep. After chatting briefly about the Dreampad at ATIA 2016 I was skeptical. My skepticism is gone. I love my Dreampad and my husband loves my Dreampad, because it does not disturb his sleep. I have been doing a lot more dreaming and waking up feeling refreshed.

NeCol Roager

I’m not usually one to gush about a product and the major difference it has made for my family… unless I wholeheartedly believe in it. This, I have told so many people about.


He hasn’t had any night terrors since using this Dreampad…I would recommend this pillow to anyone, children and adults. Especially those who have sleep struggles due to ADHD, other diagnosed disorders, or for those who simply need help relaxing at night.


This is a life changing, HUGE improvement for him. In the past few weeks, my son has been smiling at me MUCH more frequently. He has also rediscovered his love for drawing and he has been willingly doing his schoolwork without complaint. He’s interested in living life again! We were starting to think he was clinically depressed. But he has been a new kid now that he’s sleeping restfully at night! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this product!


As a mom, I appreciated that the device and cords all zipped up into the pillow. It didn’t leave any uncomfortable bumps, and it didn’t leave my son playing with the phone all night when he was supposed to be sleeping!


Dreampad is AMAZING! Both my daughter and I are both trying it out, we’re in discussions to buy a second pillow right now. Dreampad plays low level music through a speaker in the pillow, and only the person using the pillow can hear it. I didn’t believe it when I first got the pillow, but I’m totally convinced now.



The research behind the Dreampad

The research behind the Dreampad

Preliminary data shows that the Dreampad stimulates our body’s relaxation response, which allows us to let go of stress and fall asleep. Along with the decrease in sleep-related problems comes improvement with daytime performance, including physical, emotional, social and executive functioning. Studies to date have included children and adults, with both groups seeing equal benefit.

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Research Studies

User Study: Dreampad Reduces Time to Fall Asleep
Description: Dreampads were trialed by ten children who had sleep difficulties, and sometimes their family members. Each family has a blog; they were not obliged or rewarded in any way to write positive reviews. The children are aged 4 – 14. All ten families had very positive experiences and would recommend the product to others. Eight of the ten felt the Dreampad made a huge change in their own and/or their child’s life.

Effectiveness of two non-pharmacological interventions for people who experience disordered sleep but do not have a medical problem causing the sleep disturbance
Description: The Columbia University Medical Center study has compared the effectiveness of the Dreampad™ and the iRest yoga meditation method in a 2-week intervention period with healthy adults ages 25-65. The study is in its final stages and will be submitted for publication later this year.

Measuring the Effect of the iLs Dreampad with Ten Veterans Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Description: Study conducted with 10 veterans suffering from PTSD. Each participant recorded their sleep habits and pain symptoms for two weeks prior to using the Dreampad and two weeks while using the Dreampad. Their journals included usage, sleep habits and other comments. Study participants were interviewed after initial Dreampad use and again three months later.

A Sleep Intervention for Children with Autism
Description: The aim of this study was to examine the immediate, short-term effects of Integrated Listening Systems’ (iLs) Dreampad on the sleep behaviors of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In addition, this study examined the effects of changes in sleep patterns on parent and family measures of stress and quality of life.

Hallowell Center ADHD
Description: Pilot Study measuring changes in sleep patterns and daytime behavior among children with ADHD.

HRV Pilot Study
Description: Measuring the effect of the Dreampad on relaxation using heart rate variability (HRV); HRV is widely considered the most authoritative reference for the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which governs our relaxation response.

The research behind the Dreampad

The App

Apps for the Dreampad

Download the Dreampad app to your own device or purchase an optional, pre-loaded Sony mp3 player when you buy your Dreampad. Five specially-engineered music programs are available in the app or on the mp3 player.

Download the music →


Specs & Accessories

All Dreampads come with:

  • Pillow embedded with Intrasound Technology™ transducers
  • Five music programs available on app: download to your device or purchase optional pre-loaded mp3 player
  • Hypoallergenic fill and cover
  • Ear plugs for noisy environments
  • Full warranty for 1 year
  • User Guide, includes instructions for Sony mp3 and bluetooth  (PDF)
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


Additional Accessories Available:

  • Pillowcases for Dreampad 26, 20 and 20 SLIM with interior pocket and zipper
  • Sony MP3 Player with Preloaded Music
  • Bluetooth Receiver – No Phone in Your Pillow


Dreampad 26 – Ideal for the person who enjoys a soft, standard size pillow.


Standard size | 26Wx18Lx8H | Hypoallergenic | Buy Now

Optional Accessories Include:

Pillowcases - cotton and waterproof options
Sony MP3 Player with Preloaded Music
Bluetooth Receiver
Pillowcases - cotton and waterproof options Sony MP3 Player with Preloaded Music Bluetooth Receiver
Only you hear the music

Only you hear the music

Ultra-secure checkout process

Ultra-secure checkout process

Travels easily

Travels easily

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starting at $159


Dreampad in the News

Read What People are Saying About The Dreampad

The LATF USA Magazine Dreampad reviewRead more

Perhaps reviewing the Dreampad™ pillow at the office wasn’t the best idea. Why? Because it actually works. Even as I write this, I am overcome with a calm energy, feeling ultimate relaxation throughout my body.

What is this Dreampad, you ask? It’s a special pillow designed with Intrasound Technology™, which stimulates the body’s relaxation response, and allows us to let go of stress and fall asleep.

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An estimated 50 to 70 million Americans have sleep disorders, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and that can impact productivity at work as well as your health. Technology is starting to address the problem.

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“I love that only YOU can hear the music. It’s very light and peaceful. You can control the volume, should you choose to do so. Whether you need a better sleep or something to relax you, the Dreampad is for you.I have tested the Dreampad on three different people- my mom, my boyfriend, and I. Our thoughts were all basically the same. Our sleep was more relaxing and restful.”

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Somehow instead of being distracting, the music becomes soothing and can also be programmed to provide a wake-up call.

Bone conduction: Get used to the voices in your head - CNNRead more

Now you can lull yourself to sleep with sweet music transmitted through the fluff.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream — Using Technology - Re/Code.netRead more

In short, I’m a big fan of the Dreampad. It’s odd to be admitting this. I’m not someone who likes sleeping with music…. but the music that the Dreampad played made me feel like I was lying on a massage table at a luxury spa… My brain seemed to get the message, too: Instead of it running through a dozen things I had to remember for the next day, it rested. I zoned out. I fell asleep significantly faster than usual…. If your mind races when you lie down to sleep,  the Dreampad may help you get the Zzzs of your dreams.”

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Most dads could use some extra hours of sleep. If that’s your Dad, then check out the Dreampad pillow which delivers music only the user can hear….. My Dad tester was a little skeptical but willing to give the Dreampad a try. When ordering your Dreampad you can also order an MP3 player that has preloaded music included — it’s sold separately. Then you simply plug the MP3 player into the Dreampad. My Dad tester said he felt like he was at the spa the first night. The Dreampad’s relaxing music lulled him off into a deep sleep. My Dad tester’s daughter asked to try the Dreampad out herself and she also loved the tranquil music….”

Sweet dreams: 10 best sleeping gadgets - The IndependentRead more

A recent YouGov survey showed that six out of 10 Britons are sleep deprived, getting less than hours hours of shut-eye per night. We’ve rounded up some of the best sleeping gadgets around to help you get your forty winks and a few more to help you emerge from even the deepest of slumbers.

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There is a new way to get your music and your zzzs without bugging anyone else. It’s the Dreampad, a pillow that whispers sweet music for your ears only.

Having Trouble Sleeping? Try The Dreampad - Truly Outdoors OnlineRead more

After a couple of nights using the pillow, it started to become a nice part of a slow fall into dreamland. Whether it’s to reduce anxiety or simply because you’re feeling a bit stressed, the Dreampad isn’t cheap- but it’s well worth it for a good night’s sleep, and it’s much easier and safer than medications.

Dreampad delivers music through gentle, calming vibration - Inside My Head... With KelliRead more

The first day I got the Dreampad, it became an instant I want, I want, I want from my 13 and 17 year old. They lost and I won. Sometimes pulling the mom card is necessary! I proceeded to download the app on my smartphone, only to realize my smartphone isn’t that smart. Or as my daughter told me, it’s just to old. I could have had a pre installed mp3 player included with my pillow, however I had assumed I would be able to use my phone, so I highly recommend checking before you order. I ended up using my daughter iPod. It tucked nicely in the side zippered pocket and didn’t hinder my sleep in anyway. I liked the included music and was able to fall asleep comfortable and I woke feeling refreshed. I didn’t have a problem falling asleep at all.

Dreampad pillow delivers lullabys for your ears only - Gizmag.comRead more

There are many people who find a little music helps them drift off to sleep at night. Conversely, there are many people who don’t. With its ability to deliver music to only the person resting their head on it, the Dreampad from Integrated Listening could be just the thing for couples with a foot in each camp.

One Sheep, Two Sheep, Let’s All Sleep - Marie Claire magazineRead more

The hustle and bustle of every day life make it nearly impossible to wind down, but don’t let sleep fall off the priority list.

Although it might not look like much, this sleep pad does wonders for reducing stress so you can sleep easy. It works by playing music through vibrations, so only the user can hear it, which means you won’t be bothering the person next to you.

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Everyone wants something that’s cool, new and makes life easier in small, tangible ways, but often they simply don’t know what it is they want. We’ve come up with a few ideas for high-teching the halls this holiday season, with an emphasis on decor and design.

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That first night, I drifted off to sleep fairly quickly and I only recall waking up once in the night and then the sounds of The Dreampad lulled me back to sleep. Dreampad Pillow ReviewRead more

“I have been using the Dreampad for the past 3 nights and love it! The app is very easy to use and all the music is extremely relaxing and not overpowering. You sort of forget the music is playing but at the same time it keeps your mind from wandering and worrying which used to keep me up at night.

LA Times: Consumer Devices Track Sleep for a Better Night's RestRead more

The pillow-based, $179 Dreampad from Integrated Listening Systems converts the electrical signals of app-supplied music into vibrations — not audible sound waves — that help the user fall asleep and stay asleep. The quilted pillow plugs into a smartphone and a Dreampad app. The vibrations are conducted through the body’s bones and trigger relaxation through the parasympathetic nervous system.
– Valli Herman, LA Times/Health & Fitness

Travel and sleep better this summer with the Dreampad - Parentinghealthy.comRead more

“You have to try it to believe it-even my 6 year old said it makes him sleepy just laying and listening. We both almost shut our eyes at noon in our living room laying with it.” – Erinn Sluka

16 Gadgets + Bed Accessories That Want to Help You Sleep BetterRead more

After connecting your music-playing device, the pillow uses a special technology to send vibrations to the bony area around the middle and inner ear to facilitate relaxation responses.

The Dreampad is a patent protected product. It is not a medical device and makes no medical claims.