3 Bedtime Activities to Encourage a Great Night’s Sleep

It’s hard to think of a bedtime activity that doesn’t involve an electronic device. Even a good old bedtime story has made its way onto Kindles and tablets. However, in the quest to get enough sleep every night, it’s time to power down the electronic devices and establish a calming bedtime routine that doesn’t involve screens.

Calming Bedtime Routine

There is a lot of work that goes into a good night’s sleep. Although you may not be quite aware of it, while you are snoozing, your body and brain are working hard to allow you to wake up feeling restored and refreshed. To get the benefits of a good night’s sleep, it requires that we get between 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

As many of us know, sleep doesn’t always come easy. It’s important that we take action and help establish a calming bedtime routine to help us fall asleep and stay asleep. Although sitting with a tablet in bed and flipping through Instagram may seem relaxing, screen time will make it difficult to fall asleep. So, let’s remind ourselves of some activities that don’t involve screens.


Many of us spend the day slumped over a desk or sitting in front of a computer. By the time you get home, you feel like a tight ball of knots. Take some time before bed to stretch out your body and to eliminate tensions.

Tension can cause discomfort that prevents you from falling asleep, or it can wake you up throughout the night, disrupting your sleep cycles.


Relaxing our body is a great sleep routine, but you also need to relax your mind. Stress, anxiety, and a busy life can lead to the inability to turn off your brain before bed. Taking the time to meditate and reflect on the day and the next day can help you relax your mind. When your mind and body are relaxed, you will have an easier time falling asleep.

Listen to Music

Put on some quiet and calming music, perhaps without lyrics, to lull you off to sleep. Of course, if you share a bed with someone, music can disrupt the other person from falling asleep, and we all find different music to be calming. Fortunately, we have a solution to listening to music to help you sleep without preventing your partner from sleeping.

The Dreampad Music Pillow

The Dreampad Music Pillow plays calming music that only you can hear. This revolutionary sleep technology is hidden inside a comfortable pillow and plays music that stimulates your body’s natural relaxation response. After a good stretch and a little reflection, place your head on your Dreampad and prepare to get a great night’s sleep.

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