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Dreampad on ABC Shark Tank!

Dreampad is pitched to the Sharks. The Sharks – tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons – continue their search to invest in the best businesses and products that America has to offer. Season 9 Episode 8 (Currently Airing on Hulu)

‘Good Morning America’ Deals and Steals on must-have beauty products

Dreampad’s mission is to help people relax and get the sleep they need to be their best every day. We were delighted to be featured on GMA’s Deals & Steals. Check out Michael Strahan and Tory Johnson with the Dreampad in this video.

Boston Globe profiles sleep

"For a different approach, the new Dreampad builds sound right into a “smart pillow” with embedded micro transducers. Music and sound waves travel through bone conduction when your head hits the pillow, yet no one else can hear it. Very clever and surprisingly relaxing."

Business Insider: 8 sleep aids that tackle nighttime noise complaints like snoring

“I tried the Dreampad, and it really does work ….it’s a good option for anyone who wants to listen to soothing music without bothering their partner, or who needs a low-risk or relatively low-cost solution to troubled sleeping.”

International Business Times: Dreampad, A Pillow Designed To Help Children With Autism And Anxiety Sleep, Is Now Available For Everyone

“When you can’t sleep the mind thinks about what you should’ve done or could’ve done that day, the Dreampad prevents you from falling into a thought cycle.”

The Next Web: This high-tech pillow lulled me into the trippiest sleep of my life

“I don’t remember the music stopping after the scheduled two hours, which means I must’ve fallen asleep before. And, for pre-Dreampad me, lying awake for two hours before falling asleep is very standard. The pillow worked – yay!”

Bustle: 17 Sleep Products For People Who Have Trouble Getting A Full Night’s Rest

“You use the Dreampad in conjunction with an app, and — you guys? — it actually plays music. It comes with 10 music choices, or you can play your own from your phone or an mp3 player.”

Inc.: 12 Surprisingly Smart Gadgets for the True Techie Elite

“A pillow that emanates soft, lilting music to help you sleep? Sign me up.”

Inc.: 6 Gadgets That Will Improve Your Sleep

“High-tech pillow that eases you into a comfortable sleep with soft sounds and gentle vibrations (that only you can hear).”

Men’s Fitness: 9 Sleep Products for Men

“If you like to start your slumber with brown noise or other soothing sounds, but your partner needs absolute silence, pick up The Dreampad pillow…[it] emits music or lulling sounds only you can hear (i.e. you won’t keep your girlfriend or wife awake all night).”

Mind Body Green: Sleep Better Tonight With These 4 Essential Steps

“For sleepers whose partners don’t dig the whoosh of ocean waves, try the Dreampad pillow, which plays snooze-inducing tracks through the pillow itself that only you can hear.”

Forbes: The Music-Fueled Dreampad Puts Your Nervous System To Sleep

“The Dreampad was surprisingly calming; vibrational music snuck directly into your head is a comfort that I’ve been waiting for just as long as bath towel warmers. The Dreampad is like a bath towel warmer for your tired, anxiety ridden brain.”

Popsugar: This Life-Changing Smart Pillow Combats Anxiety and Insomnia

“I woke up around 2 a.m., I grabbed my phone, hit “play” on the app to restart the Soundscape, and then — to my astonishment — felt myself being drawn back into a sleep state rather than gearing up into a waking state.”

The Daily Dot: The best Mother’s Day gifts and gadgets for high-tech moms

“Elusive sleep is a problem for everyone, but why not give mom a better chance at some quality rest? The Dreampad pillow helps reduce stress and relaxes mom with sounds and vibrations for improving her sleep.”

Business Insider: This pillow that was on ‘Shark Tank’ uses a special technology to play music and ambient sounds only you can hear

“I was impressed to find that I could hear the music perfectly with my head on the pillow but heard nothing once I lifted my head off.”

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