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Dreampads were trialed by ten children who had sleep difficulties, and sometimes their family members. Each family has a blog; they were not obliged or rewarded in any way to write positive reviews. The children are aged 4 – 14.All ten families had very positive experiences and would recommend the product to others. Eight of the ten felt the Dreampad made a huge change in their own and/or their child’s life.Each Dreampad was used nightly, and before/after data was collected on the length of time it took the child to fall asleep, how long they slept, the quality of their sleep and their daytime drowsiness.Most families saw reductions in the amount of time it took to fall asleep, with six of them cutting that time in half when using the Dreampad.

Dreamapd Time to Fall Asleep Graph

Dreamapd Indiv Time to Fall Asleep Graph 

Once they fell asleep, the overall length of time they spent asleep increased slightly, but the quality of sleep increased dramatically.

Dreampad Quality of Sleep Graph 

 With increased sleep and sleep quality, the children were more awake and engaged during the day.

 Dreampad Sleep Graph  

 Following are excerpts from all the blog posts published in April of 2016.Questions? Contact Us.



BLOG: We are Far From Normal

Dreampad User:13-year-old male with anxiety and sleep problemsMy middle kiddo, Nathan (13), has never been a good sleeper but even now at 13 he still struggles to fall asleep, and stay asleep.On average he lays in bed for over an hour before falling asleep. Sometimes getting up multiple times to get a drink, got to the bathroom… once he is asleep he usually wakes up a couple of times through the night and then has to re-relax and get back to sleep. Nathan is a kid who has always been anxious. We’ve tried audio books, essential oils, guided meditations, herbal supplements… nothing has ever made a huge difference.The child who took 60- 90 minutes each night to fall asleep is usually out in about 15-20 now! He goes to bed, turns on the app and by the time I’m done reading his little brother a couple of stories I can see that he is already relaxed and on his way to a great nights’ sleep.Once he falls asleep he is rarely waking up anymore. Nights when his anxiety kicks in to high gear I know he is really thankful to have this because he knows it will help him relax and quite his mind faster than anything else ever has.I’m not usually one to gush about a product and the major difference it has made for my family… unless I wholeheartedly believe in it. This, I have told so many people about.


BLOG: I Have a Future and a Hope

Dreampad User:middle school boy with ADHD and night terrorsWhen we heard about a pillow that could help defeat ADHD sleep struggles we had to try it for ourselves. Dreampad from iLs has completely changed the way we look at going to bed.My son struggles with large amounts of energy, especially at night after his medicine has worn down. He does not have the natural ability to recognize it’s time to slow down and relax. His body just doesn’t work that way. Night terrors are also an issue for him. He will be asleep for an hour or so and sleep walk or have a terror. He will have these a few times a month.The calming vibrations and music are very soothing, and the fact that only the person lying on the pillow can hear the music is amazing. What once could take him hours to go to sleep, now takes half the time. He is very protective over his Dreampad pillow and does not want to share it, I don’t blame him. He is proud of his Dreampad and what it has done for his sleep routine.He hasn’t had any night terrors since using this DreampadI would recommend this pillow to anyone, children and adults. Especially those who have sleep struggles due to ADHD, other diagnosed disorders, or for those who simply need help relaxing at night.The benefits are amazing.


BLOG: Homeschool Your Boys

Dreampad User:14-year old boy with sleep difficultiesI have a son who has never been a good sleeper. From the time he was a baby until now, at age 14, he has rarely slept through the night. He has mornings where he wakes up at 4 or 5 in the morning and isn’t able to get back to sleep… so he just gets up.He has gone through periods of taking Melatonin and every kind of natural remedy that you can imagine. Unfortunately, none of these solutions worked for him long term. And I can’t tell you how exhausting it is to get your hopes up about trying something new only to have them dashed again!So, when I recently discovered the Dreampadpillow from Integrated Listening Systems, you can imagine I was guardedly optimistic.This pillow is so much more than just a speaker. The vibrations are what set it apart. From the very first night, my son fell asleep and stayed asleep. There has only been one night since he started using the Dreampad a few weeks ago that he hasn’t stayed asleep all night long.This is a life changing, HUGE improvement for him.In the past few weeks, my son has been smiling at me MUCH more frequently. He has also rediscovered his love for drawing and he has been willingly doing his schoolwork without complaint. He’s interested in living life again! We were starting to think he was clinically depressed. But he has been a new kid now that he’s sleeping restfully at night! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this product!The Dreampads range in price from $159 – $179 which is really pricey for a pillow. Before we tried the Dreampad, I honestly thought, “Who in their right mind would pay so much for a pillow?!?!?” But now that we’ve tried it, I can say that it’s a SMALL price to pay to have a child whose sleep issues are virtually gone. And they also have a 30 day money back guarantee so that you can be sure this product works for you or your child without risking your money.We are now saving our pennies so that we can slowly purchase Dreampads for the rest of our family as well!


BLOG: Walking by the Way

Dreampad User:High School boy with SPD and PTSDAs the parent of a child with special needs, I understand that sometimes you feel as if you are drowning in an alphabet soup of diagnoses: SPD, ADD, ASD, PTSD. And on it goes. Part of my son's soup includes SPD (sensory processing disorder) and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).My son has been using the Dreampad for about five weeks. He adores the pillow listening system and even insisted that we take it on our family trip to Niagara Falls!He is definitely sleeping better. The three major differences I have noticed include:- My son falls asleep faster.- There were times before the Dreampad where he "slept" for many hours but looked groggy and was pretty grumpy and tired when he woke up. Now he wakes up feeling refreshed and rested!- He sleeps more soundly through the night and rarely wakes up.


BLOG: This Outnumbered Mama

Dreampad User:5-year-old boy with autism and sensory processing difficultiesMy son has never been a great sleeper. We originally just thought that he just hated sleep, but when we learned about his sensory struggles and his autism, we realized that there was a lot more going on with his sleep struggles than we thought. He struggles to relax enough to fall asleep, and once he finally does he wakes up a few times a night.The Dreampad been a complete game-changer for our family, so I just had to share it with you! With this pillow my son has started to sleep through the night more evenings than not, and he’s falling asleep a lot easier and faster than he ever has.As a mom, I also appreciated that the device and cords all zipped up into the pillow. It didn’t leave any uncomfortable bumps, and it didn’t leave my son playing with the phone all night when he was supposed to be sleeping!If you have a child with autism, SPD, ADHD, or anxiety, you know how hard it can be to help their brains and bodies settle down enough to rest. Between the Dreampad and his weighted blanket, he is better able to settle his brain and his body together in order to easily fall asleep. It’s made a world of difference in our house. Since using the Dreampad pillow, not only is our boy sleeping better, but his little brother, me and my husband are waking up less often as well! It’s completely changed sleep in our home, and I couldn’t be happier.


BLOG: Adventures in Mommydom

Dreampad users:grade school girl with ADHD and insomnia and her mother with insomniaBoth my daughter and I suffer from insomnia at times, and it can be a beast to deal with, so I’m always looking for insomnia helps that are not pills (because sleep medication is incredibly addictive). I’ve got the tools in place for daytime ADHD solutions, but I hadn’t found a solution for the nighttime problems.Enter Dreampad, a super cool music pillow.Dreampad is AMAZING! Both my daughter and I are both trying it out, we’re in discussions to buy a second pillow right now. Dreampad plays low level music through a speaker in the pillow, and only the person using the pillow can hear it. I didn’t believe it when I first got the pillow, but I’m totally convinced now. I can have it turned up as loud as I find comfortable and Jeff doesn’t have a clue I’m using it. I sync the Bluetooth with my phone, choose the music I like, lay down, and within a few minutes I’m asleep.They’ve got all sorts of different size pillows you can enjoy. I picked the smallest and flattest pillow I can find (and it’s seriously AWESOME!). My daughter loves it because she can stuff it inside her special pillow she likes and use both of them together. That and it’s great for travel.


BLOG: Teach Beside Me

Dreampad User:grade school girl with ADHDMy daughter has the worst time falling asleep at night. She has trouble getting her mind to turn off at night. I know it is related to her struggle with ADHD, so we are always looking for ways to help her relax her mind. Music has always been something she responds well to. She always wants to have music on and often uses it to help her fall asleep at night.Then we discovered the Dreampad by iLs and it has literally changed her bedtime routine. She has been sleeping so much better! When she sleeps better, she is happier and more focused throughout the day. You can set a time for how long you want to the music to keep playing and it will automatically turn off. We set it for 2 hours to ensure she was fully asleep. It has been so wonderful for her. The first morning she used it she came running out to tell me all about it! Now her brothers are begging for one, too! It is definitely not just for kids, though. I know adults with sleep issues will love it as well!


BLOG: Preschoolers and Peace

Dreampad User:7-year old boy with developmental difficulties, ADHD-like symptomsTo say our son Joe has a difficult time settling down is an understatement. He's generally a good sleeper once he's asleep (many special needs kids are not; we are grateful), but getting there can be highly challenging.The very first time we set up the Dreampad for Joe, he laid down on my bed and asked me 12 questions along the lines of, "What is this, Mommy?", and "What is that music? Where is it coming from?" After getting him settled in, I left the room for about 20 minutes, and when I returned, my husband told me, "He hasn't moved."He hasn't moved.At no time in Joe's 7 years of life could we make that claim. The Dreampad had him so relaxed and calmed, he didn't move. He didn't end up sleeping with it that night, but he went to bed quickly and quietly.The next morning, Joe was at my bedside at 6:15 a.m., asking for the "music pillow". I set it to my favorite Dreampad setting, Seaside Strings, a mixture of ocean waves and calming spa-like music, and we cuddled for about 15 minutes. He was a mellower kiddo than he normally is in the morning.Since we first began using the Dreampad, it has now become part of Joe's nightly bedtime routine. Anytime I need him to mellow out, we arrange a cozy little spot and turn the Dreampad on.


BLOG: Great Peace Academy

Dreampad Users: Mother and Father with insomnia, son with anxiety and sleep difficultiesSleep has always been a problem in our household. For me personally, I have had insomnia all of my life. My mom said that from the day she brought me home from the hospital I didn’t sleep. When our son came along it wasn’t long before I realized that he is not a sleeper. In fact, he gave up napping at 18 months.But, he and I aren’t the only ones who struggle with sleep. While my husband can usually sleep, he goes through bouts of stress induced insomnia.I was the first to try out the pillow.First, I must say this is the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever slept on. That includes times spent in hotels while traveling and we’ve stayed in some very nice hotels…. I also found that I was able to sleep more soundly, and get a full-nights’ rest….having a soft, luxurious, pillow that helps me to get the rest I’ve searched for my entire life is priceless.My husband also feels that the Dreampad is huge for him: “I love that I can listen to music without disturbing you, because we prefer different types of music. I like that I can control the volume without worrying about whether it’s too loud for you. I love it so much, I think we need to buy another one, or two.”The first couple of weeks we noticed a slight improvement in my son’s sleep pattern, but not as much as we had hoped. So I introduced Melatonin again, but continued using the pillow. What I discovered is the Melatonin helped him to fall asleep and the Dreampad helped him to stay asleep. So while I’m not entirely satisfied with this option, it is producing more restful sleep for him.


BLOG: Family Style Schooling

Dreampad User:grade school girl with anxiety related difficultiesMy youngest has always struggled sleeping well. Frequently we find her in our room after nightmares wake her. When I saw the Dreampad pillow, which was recommended for children who have anxiety while sleeping, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out. I was eager to see if this would really help my anxious sleeper. Little did I know how important the timing of this pillow’s arrival would be.We got the thin Dreampad, and it is pretty amazing. It’s perfect for a small child, or good as a travel pillow. If you have a pillow you already love to use, you can get one of the thin pillows to tuck under your favorite pillow.The pillow arrived at my house on March 19, the very day that my sister and her four daughters were in a horrible car accident. One of my youngest’s greatest fears had been realized. Auntie Amy didn’t make it. My four nieces and nephew were now without their mother. How do you sleep after that?The days following were a bit of a blur, but I do know that my daughter faithfully fell asleep and stayed asleep with the Dreampad pillow. It was such a blessing to know that she didn’t have nightmares those first few days, because I desperately needed sleep.As family descended upon the house, I watched the pillow being passed around, offering comfort and peace to all that rested their head upon it. It was an amazing resource in a time of trauma. If you or your child struggles with falling asleep or staying asleep, this would be a worthwhile investment.

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