Enjoy curated music and stories perfect for relaxation and sleep on our new Dreampad Sleep App. Our App has been developed to provide an optimal user experience, as all audio tracks have been specifically selected or created for the best sound quality on all Dreampad products. 

The Dreampad App is not required to operate a Dreampad pillow or Aurras.  The App provides curated and continually growing and changing content support of relaxation and sleep.

Available on the App Store for Apple devices now.  Coming soon to Google Play for Android.

Check out some samples below!

Click below to start creating your account.  Go through the checkout process, then download the app from the Apple App Store and register.  Make sure to use the same email address you used during the checkout process.  You will also receive instructions by email on how to download and register for the app.  Thanks!


Enjoy curated music and stories for relaxation on the newly updated Dreampad Sleep App. Updated from our previous version, this app includes dozens of ad-free music and children's bedtime stories, chosen and engineered to sound best with your Dreampad pillow or Aurras.

Categories include:
- Ambient music
- Classical music
- Featured artists
- Nature sounds
- Children's bedtime stories
- Breathing exercises

Available on a discounted basis with purchase of a Dreampad pillow or Aurras. Also available directly for purchase on the App Store. Coming soon to the Google Play store.

Instructions for download and use will be included in your welcome email after purchase.


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