Help Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Any child that doesn’t get enough sleep may experience daytime sleepiness, difficulty learning, and behavioral issues. For children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), these symptoms are often more problematic. Whereas there can be several reasons why children with ASD have trouble sleeping, there are also steps that parents can take to help their child with ASD get a good night’s sleep.

Reasons children with ASD have trouble sleeping

A child with ASD may have trouble sleeping due to neurological problems or due to medical issues. Often, children with ASD will have trouble falling asleep, and will often wake up many times throughout the night. Reasons can be related to decreased levels of melatonin or other chemicals that the brain is releasing that may disturb their natural sleep patterns. Any medication that the child is taking can also be a disrupter of good sleep. There can also be behavioral issues that are adding to the lack of sleep, and it is the behavioral issues that parents may be able to combat to help their child sleep.

Improve sleep for children with ASD

One area where parents can be more hands on is the behavioral issues that can cause poor sleep. Creating a better sleep environment and enforcing stricter bedtime routines can help a child with ASD get the sleep their need to help alleviate some of the symptoms of ASD. Good sleep hygiene includes, but is not limited to:

  • A dark, cool, and quiet sleep environment
  • Consistent bedtime routines
  • Daily exercise
  • No caffeine

Sleep aid for children with ASD

Consistency is a key factor in helping to improve your child’s sleep. The Dreampad Music Pillow has proven to be very effective in helping to improve the sleep for children with ASD. With the help of specialized sounds that work with the body’s natural relaxation response, the Dreampad is the perfect addition to good sleep hygiene.

Learn more about the science behind the Dreampad Music Pillow and find out how this effective sleep aid has helped many kids with ASD get a good, consistent night’s sleep.

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