Dreampad Sound Pillow for Relaxation and Sleep

For many of us, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle or routine, let alone get a good night’s sleep in the go-go-go world that we live in. Our bodies are equipped with a natural stress response system that automatically gets activated throughout our day. Whether you are in school, have an increased workload or demanding work requirements, and/or are taking care of your children and loved ones, daily factors of stress and anxiety have a tremendous impact on your body’s ability to relax, especially at night.


If you are experiencing any type of stress or anxiety, you may find your mind and body on overdrive - muscles tight, or all of your senses on high alert, as these are the body’s way of responding to and dealing with stress. As you can imagine, these responses do not create a good environment for falling and staying asleep.


Dreampad offers a comprehensive line of products that create the perfect environment to help your body relax and fall asleep. Our products, including our pillows for relaxation, use a unique, patented technology, which sends your choice of music or sounds (audio books, podcasts, ambient noise) through gentle vibrations to your body, allowing your brain to slow down and relax. Relaxing the total body, muscles, senses, and mind is crucial to putting ourselves in a state ready for sleep. In order to achieve this, the environment and items we go to bed with, play a crucial role in allowing us to tap into this relaxation sleep response. Because of the natural relaxation triggers, and a calming sensory experience created by our products, they are perfect for helping you to relax, sending you off to dream quickly for a quality night's sleep.


We know you’ve heard it all before. Study after study shows that sleep is critical to our health, energy, memory, mood, metabolism, and the list goes on.Supporting science and evidence from leading sleep experts validate the power that music and sound have in activating the body’s sleep response. In fact, music has been scientifically shown time and time again to calm the autonomic nervous and endocrine systems, and physiological stress response. All of these systems and responses play a critical role in our body's ability to relax and fall asleep - and it all makes sense why.


Our products were created and designed to help trigger a natural calming response within the body, overcoming common factors keeping people awake and helping to support what is vital to a healthy lifestyle, sleep. Those who experience extreme stress or trauma, common complaints that come with aging, or those who are Neurodiverse have especially found relief with our products, in the unique way that Dreampad works.

Trying Dreampad products is risk-free.
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"The Dreampad has consistently improved the sleep of every patient who has used it. There has also been symptom reduction in patients suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression and various childhood disorders." 

-C. Weiss

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