An under-the-pillow speaker that only you can hear. No headphones, no earbuds.  Just great sound.


Includes Bluetooth amplifier for wireless connectivity.


The Aurras is a specially-designed audio device for you to enjoy in bed— say goodbye to cumbersome headphones and disturbing others with your relaxation necessities. With a powerful Bluetooth amplifier and equalizer, the Aurras can easily be placed under your pillow to play your preferred content with high-quality audio. The Aurras is small and light, and you won't notice it under your pillow.  The audio technology we use will turn your pillow into a speaker just for you, so you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks or any other content, without disturbing others. The Aurras has an auxiliary cable - no battery inside the device. 

Plug into the following:

- Bluetooth amplifier (included)

- Android or other non-Apple smart phone or tablet

- Apple iPhone or iPad – requires 3.5 mm to lightning adaptor (not included; can be purchased from Apple or their resellers)

We recommend using the included Bluetooth amplifier, which will allow you to connect to any smart device without additional cables or adaptors. Plus, the sound will be better, as we have included some serious audio features in our Bluetooth amp.

You will need to charge your Bluetooth adaptor occasionally using the USB charging cable.

Your package includes:

-The Aurras, designed to slip under your pillow

-Premium Bluetooth amplifier

-USB Charging cable for Bluetooth amp


Dimensions:        12” H x 9” W x 5/8” H
Weight:                5 oz
Fabric covering:  100% polyester twill

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