Quick Start Guide

Charge the Bluetooth amplifierand pair with smart device(phone, tablet)

Select your favorite musicor sound source(Apple Music, Spotify,Sleep App, or other)

Plug your Dreampad productinto the Bluetooth amplifier

Or, skip the Bluetooth and connect directly to Dreampad product

Dreampad Pillow and Aurras

Unpacking and Initial Setup: Your Dreampad pillow is ready to go right out of the box.  Remove from the bag and unzip the small pocket on the side of the pillow.  Inside is a 6-foot white cord with a plug on the end which will serve as your connector to the audio technology inside the pillow.  Make sure the dragonfly logo on the Dreampad pillow is FACING UP.

For the Aurras, simply remove from packaging, place it directly under your existing pillow and follow instructions below.  Make sure the Aurras logo is FACING UP.

Connect to Bluetooth:  You can connect the Dreampad pillow or Aurras to your phone through the included Bluetooth adaptor/receiver. Please follow the detailed instructions under Connecting to Bluetooth below based on which Bluetooth adaptor you have.

Direct Connection: 
If you choose not to use Bluetooth, you can plug your smart device or MP3 player directly into your Dreampad product. Simply plug the cable extending from the Dreampad pillow zippered pocket or the cable from the Aurras into your device.  Note: Newer iPhone models will need a lightning adapter in order to connect (not provided).

Music Source
:  You can use any music or sound source to play music through your Dreampad products.  Play music from your playlists in Apple Music, Spotify, or other apps with your favorite sleep sounds. We recommend gentle music without much volume change and a slow tempo. You can also listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or any other media.  You can also check out the free music on the Dreampad Sleep app, available on either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Please note that the Dreampad Sleep app is NOT REQUIRED to operate the Dreampad pillow or Aurras.

Connecting to Bluetooth

For the New Circadian Bluetooth Amplifier


  • Please charge your Bluetooth device as soon as you receive the product to make sure it is fully charged before use.
  • Connect the charging port with any USB charging adaptor or active computer USB port.
  • Charging will start automatically with the blue LED indicator turning on and staying solid.
  • The adaptor is fully charged when the LED indicator turns off.  With a 2.4 V charger, charging should take 1 - 2 hours.
  • Please make sure to fully insert the micro-USB into the port.


  • NOTE: the Bluetooth device will NOT pair while the unit is being charged. Make sure it is fully charged, remove the micro-USB cable from the device and then pair the device with your phone.
  • Go to Bluetooth Settings on your phone.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth device. Press and hold power button until blue LED Indicator turns on.  Do not hold the button down for too long or the device will shut down.
  • The LED light will flash and DREAMPAD appears on your phone. Depending on the version and model of your phone, it may take up to a minute for the name to appear. Please be patient!  Please also note that discovery may take longer if multiple devices (phones, iPads, etc) are turned on and in discovery mode.  
  • Tap DREAMPAD on your phone. The light on the Bluetooth device will turn to solid blue.  Also, your phone should indicate that the Dreampad device is paired.
  • If the name does not appear, try turning off Bluetooth mode on your phone and then turning back on.  
  • MULTIPLE PHONES OR IPADS: Please note that the Circadian Bluetooth device will try to pair automatically to the last smart device (phone or iPad) that it was paired to. If you paired to one phone and then try to pair to a different phone, the Bluetooth device will search for the first phone and will not pair to the second phone. You must first DISCONNECT (or FORGET) the device on the first phone, and then pair to the second phone.


  • After the first pairing the Bluetooth device should pair automatically with your phone after powering on.  The blue light will flash and then turn solid.  If for some reason the light continues to flash more than three times, check the Bluetooth setting on your phone.  If Dreampad shows as Not Connected, tap on Dreampad to connect.
  • Note the previous instruction regarding MULTIPLE PHONES.

Using the EQ and Bass Booster:

  • Set the EQ switch to the mode you are listening to: microphone icon for podcasts, music icon for music, and book icon for audiobooks.
  • For enhanced bass, simply press the bass clef button on the side.

Turn Off:

  • Press and hold power button for about one second
  • Blue LED Indicator will flash three times and go off

For the older version (TaoTronics TT-BR05)


  • Connect the charging port with any USB charging adaptor or active computer USB port
  • Charging will start automatically with the LED indicator turning green
  • The adaptor is fully charged when the LED indicator turns off


  • Make sure the receiver and your smart device are next to each other (within about 3 feet)
  • The first time you use the receiver, press and hold the Power Button until the LED indicator flashes red
  • Activate Bluetooth on your smart device and search for TaoTronics TT-BR05 within the search results
  • Tap on the name to connect. Once connected, the indicator will flash blue

Helpful Tips

A 6 ft. extension is included with the Dreampad pillows, if you wish to keep the Bluetooth adaptor and/or smart device further away or at our bedside.

Set your smart device to Airplane Mode to prevent calls from waking you up.

If you are prone to motion sickness, begin using the Dreampad pillow or Aurras slowly. Start at a low volume for short sessions (5-20 minutes) for the first week. Each following week, lengthen use gradually until you reach your desired listening time.

Care Instructions
The Dreampad pillow contains custom-made transducers and should not be machine washed. Spot clean only, and use a washable pillow cover.

The Aurras should not be machine washed.Spot clean only.

Do not leave children under 1 year of age unattended while using Dreampad products. Dreampad products are patented and protected by US intellectual property law. It is not a medical device and makes no medical claims.

Dreampad products are warrantied for one (1) year from the date of purchase against manufacturer defects. Coverage is valid only with proof of purchase. Alteration of Dreampad products will void warranty.

Trying Dreampad products is risk-free. 

Return it within 30 days and we will refund your purchase and pay for return shipping. 

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