Sound Pillow for Aging and Sleep

One of the most common sleep disturbances in the older population is insomnia. As many as 50% of older adults complain about difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep. Poor sleep can be manifested as both less sleep in general and what we call poor “sleep efficiency” - less time in the deep and REM stages of sleep. 

These stages are particularly important for recovery, learning, memory and mood. This is more than a bad night of sleep! Your ability to avoid and bounce back from illness, energy to keep up with day-to-day tasks (let alone grandkids) and your short- and long-term memory can suffer. 

Learn more how our Dreampad products can help you relax using soothing sounds, helping you get to sleep easier and faster. 

Causes of Insomnia

Causes of insomnia among older adults can be quite varied, ranging from disturbances caused by other medical problems, medications that may block sleep, depression and generalized anxiety disorder. If you’re taking medications, be sure to ask your doctor how they react with each other and how they may affect your sleep.

Issues from Insomnia

Regardless of the cause, issues from insomnia can show up in many different ways beyond just lack of energy. Poor sleep can exacerbate other problems, including depression and anxiety. Several studies have also associated chronic insomnia with an increased risk for cardiovascular problems. Alarmingly, cognitive decline has also been shown to result from poor sleep, not just among the elderly, but the entire population.  

Dreampad sound pillow for aging

How to Combat Insomnia

What can be done to improve sleep? Sleep hygiene - better nighttime habits associated with getting the brain and body ready to sleep - is important. In some cases, medication may be necessary; but, there can also be many negative side effects associated with medication, including interactions with other drugs. 

Fundamentally, the goal is to get the body into a state of homeostasis - feeling safe and balanced. Signaling the parasympathetic nervous system (which helps you calm down) activates the "rest and digest" response and returns the body to homeostasis, making it easier to relax and fall asleep. 

Calm Down Without Drugs or Hormones

The Dreampad uses a patented vibrational sound system to signal your body’s relaxation response. This unique sound system has been used for years by hundreds of therapists and their patients to improve sleep, with very good results. Also, research completed in 2017 showed significant improvements among participants in both time to fall asleep and duration of sleep.

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