Soothing music inside a pillow just the right size for your little ones.


Made for kids up to five or six years, this pillow has the patented Dreampad Intrasound audio embedded inside. This small wonder becomes your child’s best friend at bedtime - delivering rich music with an audio system designed to relax the nervous system and help them sleep. The included Bluetooth receiver pairs to your phone so you can choose any music to send to your child's Dreampad.

Included with your pillow:

  • A Bluetooth receiver and charging cable for wireless connection
  • Adapter for direct connection to your smart device

*Shipping available only in the United States and Canada


Designed specifically for children aged two to five years, the Dreampad Kids is a foam and batting design pillow with a low loft for smaller necks and heads.  The pillow provides good support without increasing the neck angle too much.  

There is no battery or power source within the pillow itself. To use the Dreampad simply connect the pillow to your choice of smart phone, tablet or mp3 player. You can plug directly to the pillow using the included adapter or through the included Bluetooth amp/receiver for wireless connection. Once connected to your player, you can start playing your choice of calming music or sounds from any music library or streaming platform. We recommend using Dreampad's Music Subscription App for a variety of curated music, sounds and stories designed for relaxation and sleep (subscription sold separately).

If you prefer not to use Bluetooth, just plug the Dreampad pillow into your phone or iPad.  For Apple products with lighting connectors, you will need a lighting to 3.5 mm headphone adapter (included).  For Android phones, you may need a USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter (included). 


  • A 13” x 19” pillow with hypoallergenic foam and batting; 100% cotton shell, and zippered mini-pocket
  • Patented Intrasound Audio System embedded in the pillow
  • Bluetooth receiver/amplifier and charger
  • Adapter for 3.5 mm plug (Android & Apple)
  • 6-foot extension cable


  • Polyurethane foam and polyester batting
  • 19” length x 13” width x 3" height
  • Embedded Vibrational Sound System
  • Hypoallergenic  100% cotton shell

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