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A Little Bit of Exercise Can Greatly Improve Your Sleep

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that exercise will help you sleep better. However, many mistakenly believe that you have to completely tire yourself out with a vigorous workout, when, in fact, just a little bit of exercise can improve the quality of sleep. Light exercise improves sleep The word “exercise” sometimes throw people off. They get stressed out before they even get to the gym. Finding time to exercise can often be difficult, resulting in skipping it altogether. Fortunately, those that are adverse to the word “exercise” will be happy to learn that all you need to improve your sleep is to engage in some light physical activity. Anything from gardening to going for a walk to stretching can improve your sleep. Gardening...

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Staring At Your Closet For Too Long Every Morning? You’re Wasting Your Cognitive Energy.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a restaurant menu that had over a 100 items on it? Did you walk into the grocery store to quickly pick up some cheese for dinner only to spend 15 minutes staring at all the options in the aisle? Does it take you forever to get dressed in the morning because you keep switching outfits? You’re not alone, and it’s affecting the rest of decisions for the day. In fact, more and more neurologists, business owners, and productivity coaches are talking about the notion of cognitive energy. Cognitive energy is the concept that every morning you wake up with a new capacity to make important decisions. However, as the day goes by, your brain...

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How to Sidestep Potential Summer Sleep Problems

Summertime is supposed to be fun, relaxing, and carefree. However, with each season comes the potential for disrupted sleep, and summer is no different. You’d think that fun and sun would help you sleep better at night, but both are highly stimulating and disruptive, leaving many tossing and turning all summer long. This summer, take preventative measures to sidestep potential summer sleep problems. Sleep traps of summer Sleep deprivation can ruin a perfectly good summer, but as long as you’re aware of the sleep traps of summer, you can take steps to sidestep each potential problem. All the things that we love about summer have the potential to disrupt your sleep. Noise, lights, temperature, and even your summer vacation can prevent you from getting...

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Is It Time to Upgrade to an Organic Mattress?

DID YOU KNOW? The average person spends 26 years of their life asleep; Newborn babies need 14 to 17 hours of sleep every day; But once we reach our adult years, it’s recommended we sleep for seven to nine hours a night; On workdays, the average bedtime for American adults is 10:55 pm, and average wake-up time is 6:38 am; It’s estimated that 166 million shed skin cells could end up in your bed every night; A 2015 survey found that tens of thousands of people sleep on a mattress they first bought more than 40 years ago. Is it time to upgrade to an organic mattress? Let’s find out. 

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Sleep and Alcohol: That Nightcap Is Not a Sleeping Aid

Do you enjoy an occasional alcoholic drink in the evening, thinking it helps you unwind and sleep better? Think again. While there is a common belief that alcohol helps you sleep better; it actually messes up your sleep in many sneaky ways. Alcohol has been shown to increase drowsiness, making it easier to go to sleep; yet, the quality of the sleep is significantly decreased. It decreases the amount of REM sleep The worst, most talked-about, effect of alcohol consumption before bed is the fact that this substance halts your sleep cycles. As you already know, our sleep goes in cycles, each with  4-5 stages. The REM sleep stage is important for learning complex tasks. REM sleep is particularly important if...

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