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How to Overcome Sleep Issues as You Age

There are many issues that arise with getting older—and sleeping is, unfortunately, one of them. Due to the fact that our bodies begin to tire, slow down and stop working as they once did when we were young, seniors are oftentimes privy to a range of new medical concerns. Depending on medications, illnesses or other life changes, seniors can experience sleep problems that normally stem from having medical issues.  If you are a senior looking to overcome sleeping issues that have developed with old age, there are fortunately many ways to understand and overcome your insomnia or restlessness. In addition to getting a helpful sleep aid for your bed like a pillow or new mattress, you can explore other techniques that may...

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How Can Dental Problems Affect Your Sleep?

We often take the importance of a good night’s sleep for granted, i.e. until pain keeps us up all night and we begin to face the difficulties of surviving the day while battling fatigue. Many studies have shown that good sleep is vital for our health. For instance, sleep apnea is linked to dry mouth (which causes tooth decay), teeth grinding, and tooth loss. However, it also works the other way around; that is, dental problems can make it impossible to get your required zzzs. In this post, we reveal the relationship between oral health and sleep, suggesting ways to improve both. What are the Main Dental Issues that Interfere with Sleep? One of the biggest problems when it comes to...

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